Why the flu shot is more important than ever

woman getting  a flu shot

Every fall, you probably see the same reminder from health providers: Get your flu shot. This year though, with the complications of the pandemic, the message is more urgent: Getting your flu shot may be more important than ever.  

In a normal flu season: 

  • Symptoms can be severe. The flu can cause respiratory distress, pneumonia, and even death. The CDC reports 12,000 - 61,000 flu deaths a year. 
  • With severe symptoms, people may require hospitalization.  The CDC reports that tens of thousands of people are hospitalized every year for the flu. 

In a flu season with COVID-19:

  • Maintaining your health is even more important during the pandemic.  The effects of the flu can put you in  already busy hospitals or emergency departments, where COVID-19 patients may also be being treated. Further, the effects of having both the flu and COVID-19 are unknown.
  • Protecting yourself from the flu protects vulnerable loved ones and neighbors who are at high risk for both illnesses.  Maintaining your health  contributes to lower risk of flu outbreakes in your community, and thus lowers flu risk for the elderly, those with respiratory conditions, people with diabetes, and the immunocompromised. 

So, this year, plan your flu shot and get it early.

Don't let a little planning deter you! Take a moment to call your pharmacy, grocery store, or doctor's office to schedule your flu shot appointment. There may also be drive-thru clinics in your areas. 

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Need help?

Still unsure if you should get a flu shot? Need help finding access in your area? Journi Care Guides are available 24/7 to answer any questions you have about the flu. They can also help you schedule an appointment to get vaccinated.