What COVID-19 has taught us about protecting employee health for all

employee working from home

It’s nearly a full year since the initial COVID-19 outbreak and the world is still coming to terms with its impact and the continued uncertainties that lie ahead. The global health crisis pointed out gaps in health care access that employers must address to safeguard employee health and well-being as we move forward. In an op-ed for BenefitsPRO, Aadam Hussain, general manager of Journi, shares three learnings from the past year that employers can apply today.

  1. Focus on the whole person – Health care must start with the individual and not just when they present with an illness or symptoms. This includes addressing health disparities tied to socioeconomic status as well as the connection between physical and behavioral health.
  2. Meet employees where they are – As the world shifted to working from home and social distancing, there was an explosion in telehealth and virtual care adoption. Offering easy access to care can help employees make more informed decisions about their health and well-being.
  3. Harness mobile-first tools that equalize access for all – Employees want more digital options to enhance and personalize their health care experience. With more than 90% of all Americans with access to cell phones, mobile technology can connect more people to care and reduce health disparities.

As employee health continues to be a top priority in 2021, employers have an opportunity to offer benefits that meet the unique needs of today’s workforce. Read the full article for more insights: “What COVID-19 has taught us about protecting employee health for all” (Note: Free registration required)

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