Webinar: Strategies for Reducing Rx Benefit Costs

Event date
March webinar

Prescription drug costs have increased 5% over the past year and are on track to keep climbing at the same rate or higher—especially given COVID-19 related conditions—until 2024. More than 60% of employers say rising drug and medical spending is not sustainable for their business, according to a recent survey by the National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions.  

What factors are driving these soaring costs and what can employers do about it?  

Key takeaways: 

First, we'll look at the sources:

  • Trends in unsupported pharmaceutical price hikes
  • Growth in medication utilization and wasted spending

Lastly, we’ll discuss strategies and solutions employers are using to save upwards of $300 per month per employee in medication spend.

Who should attend:  

HR and finance professionals 


Coleen Carey, VP Marketing, Journi

Diana Graalum, Manager JourniRx Clinical Lead Pharmacist, MedSavvy

Courtney Schwagler, Cost Containment Strategist, Advanced Benefits 

Click below to watch Strategies for Reducing Rx Benefit Costs