Webinar: How the 2020 Election will Impact Health Benefits

Event date
President and Vice President

January 2021 brings a new president and a 117th U.S. Congress with slim majorities. What policy changes will be possible in this closely divided government? And how will it respond to the final actions of the 116th Congress and the Trump Administration?

This webinar will zero in on key health issues, addressing their current state and predicting the approach of the new Biden Administration and Congress. 

Main Takeaways:

  • Federal legislative and regulatory actions to expect in the areas of health care, privacy and technology over the next two years
  • Key players and priorities of the Biden Administration
  • Composition of the new Congress and leaders of committees of jurisdiction
  • Exploration of health care agenda (COVID-19, ACA, health disparities, surprise billing, prescription drugs, Medicare)
  • Deep dive on privacy and technology issues related to health issues (interoperability, AI, telehealth, transparency)


Ali Esquea, VP Federal Affairs, Cambia Health Solution

Oliver Kim, Dir Federal Policy, Cambia Health Solutions

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