Webinar: Adapting employee health care benefits to current times for optimal results

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Now more than ever, employee health & wellness programs need to be effective not only in improving employee health but also in providing ROI and VOI.

New and innovative online services tied with personalized care are redefining the healthcare journey. The pandemic has shown us that easy access to care, personalized support and online health solutions are imperative to not only overcome today’s public health crisis, but to the future of how people engage with their health. However, while health technology is gaining ground, the need for personalized support remains stronger than ever.

In this webinar we’ll cover:
•  Latest research and trends, plus how employers should adjust their health care benefits and well-being objectives accordingly
•  Employer and employee real-life case studies and current trends– including virtual programs and consultations that are being implemented during COVID-19
•  The new normal for the health care consumer