Use of mental health and wellness apps remains on the rise

woman on a bus with mask

More and more people are turning to digital mental health providers — but this isn't a unique trend, pandemic-driven trend. According to a recent report from Apptopia, a mobile app-market intelligence group, these numbers are backed by three solid years of steady growth. They report an increase in among the 15 most popular mental health and wellness apps, showing rising engagement since 2017. 

Journi has also tapped into this need, providing employees with 24/7 access to their health care benefits, including seamless access to mental health support. Now more than ever, people need access, care, and connection to those who can help, and Journi provides all three. 

Learn more about the rise of digital mental health — a movement accelerated by COVID-19, but with it's own momentum built on growing consumer demand. 

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