Journi health coaches: Why one may be right for you

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If you've ever been asked to describe a coach, you may have thought of someone shouting commands to players from the sidelines or running a team through drills. But here's another description presented by an organization that knows a thing or two about coaches —  the International Olympic Comittee (IOC). According to the IOC*, a good coach is:

  • Positive and enthusiastic 
  • Supportive and trusting
  • Focused and goal-oriented 
  • Knowledgeable and observant 
  • Respectful and patient 
  • A clear communicator 

That's quite a list. And you may be thinking, "Sure, but that's a sports coach working with Olympic athletes. What does that have to do with health coaches and their clients?"

In a word, everything. 

A Journi health coach helps users win in health — and life 

The IOC list is spot-on when it comes to applying the same words to Journi health coaches and what they bring to helping users achieve success in their lives. These coaches are behind each user's goals, whether a user wants to lose weight or needs support while coping with the stress of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

As Journi health coach Michelle explains it,

We're here to meet our users right where they are — to discover their vision. As a coach, I want to help them find their purpose, motivation, strength and inspiration to make change.

Your guide on the journey to

Maybe you want to have more energy. Or perhaps you're lacking a sense of purpose. You might even just want to feel happy more oftenA Journi health coach helps users win in health — especially during these stressful times. Yet you may be struggling to create a path to achieve well-being in those areas. 

A Journi health coach will come alongside you, so you can chart the path together. They're all about helping people connect the dots between exercise, nutrition and mental health. A coach is your personal strategist to help you improve your health in a holistic way.

And since everyone wants different levels of support and interaction, Journi health coaches like Michelle are sensitive to that. 

 At the first session with a user, we'll often develop a wellness plan — but not always; it's based on the individual user. Then we'll meet often enough to keep goals feeling strong, fresh and motivating 

she says. "I talk less and listen more. It's so important to make meetings with users a judgement-free place where they're heard...and where they feel like, 'I can do this.'" Journi health coaches offer their clients key benefits to help them achieve their goals:

  • Coaches communicate with you based on what you prefer: chat, email or phone. 
  • You can chat with a coach to ask a quick question or get a one-time consult. Or you can keep working with a Journi coach to reach your well-being goals.
Focus on the individual
  • Your health coach will work with you to define your personal vision for your health and well-being.
  • Together you can create a wellness plan that's personal and tailored to your situation at various points in your life. 
  • Your coach works with you to harness the strengths you'll need to overcome roadblocks to change. 
Fitness expertise — and more
  • Journi health coaches are certified by a national, credentialed wellness coach program, have up-to-date credentials and engage in ongoing learning. 
  • They specialize in a range of areas such as fitness, nutrition, sleep, resilience and behavior change. 
  • Coaches connect their users to other Journi experts if added help is needed for health problems or other issues. 

Six tips from a health coach during COVID-19

Just as with other life experiences, Journi health coach Michelle has been there for her users during the coronavirus pandemic. Some clients are struggling to stay on track with their fitness goals, while others are dealing with the stress of changes brought on by the health crisis. Michelle shares simple but effective tips like these with her users:

  • Stop and take time for self-care. For instance, go for a short walk. 
  • Become aware of your holistic well-being. That is, focus on the health of your whole body, mind and emotions. 
  • Similarly, know your stress warning signs. 
  • Cultivate mindfulness. 
  • Tune into positive emotions as well as your strengths. 
  • Build your self-care strategies — a Journi health coach can help. 

Finding a winning path toward wellness — together 

Whether it's offering tips for dealing with a stressful situation or setting new nutrition goals, a Journi health coach wants to help users win. And not just when it comes to fitness. It's about achieving better health and positive outcomes for the whole person. To a Journi health coach, that means more than a gold medal any day. 

Interested in learning more about Journi health coaches? Get in touch with us here.



* "Support and Protect Clean Athletes." International Olympic Committee. August 07, 2019. Accessed August 03, 2020. Of A Great Coach,patient and a clear communicator.