Healthy snacking

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For National Nutrition Month this March, Journi teamed up with Regence to offer tips on how to snack healthfully.

Most people understand that nutrition and exercise are essential for staying fit and supporting a healthy lifestyle. The challenge for many of us is developing simple and sustainable habits that fit into busy lives. Navigating proper nutrition and eating habits can be challenging when other sources of daily stress demand your attention. But nutrition also plays an important role in helping to control and manage that stress.  

While many office workers have shifted to a work from home environment during the COVID-19 pandemic, having easy access to your kitchen can encourage snacking breaks when you're not truly hungry. Factors like location, social environment, time of day and food availability (and tastiness) all contribute to how we eat. Eating a snack is better than letting yourself become ravenously hungry. This can lead to overeating when it's mealtime and poor food choices.

For Regence's KPTV Health Minute series, wellness consultant Hillary Lauren, shares four tips for healthful snacking. 

  1. First, determine if you're actually hungry – if you've recently eaten, drink a full glass of water and take a 10-minute walk, then revisit your hunger level.
  2. Focus on seasonal produce to support nutrition – naturally ripened and harvested in season food tastes fresher, sweeter and has much more flavor and nutritional value. Produce also costs less when harvested in season on local farms. 
  3. Choose snacks with fiber, protein, and healthy fats – snacks that are high in protein and fiber help reduce hunger and keep you full for several hours.
  4. Mix & match for wide-ranging nutritional needs and to keep food exciting – variety is the spice of life! 

Your approach to nutrition can be healthy AND delicious. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, what works is developing sustainable habits.

Regence members with Journi can chat with our health coaches to develop a plan for better nutrition. 

Bonus: Check out Hillary's delicious and nutritious recipe for chocolate avacado pudding. You might not have considered combining chocolate and avocado before, but the results will surprise you!

recipe for avacado pudding

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