Giving employees new power to access health care – virtually 

working virutally

Accessing health care can be overwhelming with obstacles at every turn. Even as employers invest in much-needed benefits, employees aren't taking full advantage of them. Underutilized benefits can mean employees aren’t getting the care they need – and for businesses, that can lead to absenteeism (or presenteeism), reduced productivity and lower engagement.  

Coleen Carey, VP of Sales and Marketing for Journi, wrote in Salt Lake Tribune that employers need to combine virtual self-service options backed by human support. Citing frustrations with understanding insurance coverage, scheduling appointments, managing family health, or getting cost and billing information, employees want a simpler approach. What if they could delegate “the work” of managing health care to a personal assistant? Read on for Coleen’s insights on how Journi can fill that need: Giving employees new power to access health care – virtually.