COVID-19 testing and treatment comes with a real financial impact

woman getting tested for covid

With COVID-19, testing and treatment comes with a real financial impact. Read about the issue and an analysis on Peterson-KFF Health System Tracker. The report found that people with large, employer-sponsored insurance who are hospitalized for pneumonia (a common complication of COVID-19) could face up to $1,300 in out-of-pocket costs. 

Higher deductibles for employees mean higher out-of-pocket expenses for those who become ill. Journi offers a COVID-19 symtpom checker to help employers and their teams begin the assessment process before testing. What's more, Journi's team of Care Guides can help employees stay healthy, manage chronic conditions, or gain the urgent support they need across care, finances, or education.

Learn more about the costs of COVID-19 care.


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