2020 Research: Keys to meeting employee health care needs

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COVID-19 has become the trigger that's accelerating health care transformation in businesses around the world. But even before the pandemic, one question demanded answers: What does health care transformation look like as organizations seek to meet their employees' needs productively, efficiently and cost-effectively? The question has become more urgent than ever — research helps lead the way to solutions. 

Our research tells us that now, more than ever, employees are looking for: 

  • Remote access to care. Including sources that offer guidance  about when to go for care, whether to go to an urgent care or the ER, and how to use telehealth for health care needs.
  • Education about health plans. Leading to a better understanding of health care benefits. 
  • Financial guidance about health care costs. That addresses financial worries related to ever-increasing medical and pharmacy costs. 
  • Human support when needed.  Available to provide comfort and information when needed.

To meet employees' needs, organizations are looking for: 

  • Digital health solutions to provide easier access to care. 
  • Guidance about benefits to help navigate the complex world of health and well-being. 
  • Help managing health care costs by offering ways to better predict and manage financial challenges facing employers and employees. 
  • Human concierge support with customized help that's caring and credible. 

There are four overlapping challenges for employees and employers: financial worries, knowledge gaps, barriers to care, and fragmented delivery and tracking systems. Research points the way to breakthrough solutions.

Research reflects what employers and employees need now

Seventy-five percent of HR leaders say they’re still on the journey to provide a fully digital health care experience for employees. To examine how we can support our HR partners, Journi recently conducted and curated a significant amount of research on current health care trends and challenges. Our research explored:  

  • The four overlapping challenges for employers and employees
  • Current trends and perspectives in health care 
  • What employees want from their benefits plans 
  • Areas of opportunity that exist among consumers, from Gen Z to Baby Boomers 
  • How to build trust and engagement across the consumer-employee experience 
  • Areas of opportunity for employers described as progressive, traditional, cost-conscious or change agents 
  • The solutions that help employers control health care costs 

Research brings to light the value of new digital solutions like Journi. We help employees manage their care more easily and effectively while increasing their engagement, boosting productivity and maximizing spend.  

Click here to download our 2020 Research Insights and learn how new digital platforms and technologies like Journi can lead the way to successful health care transformations during and after COVID-19.